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About our items

Crafty Sue's Shop sells quality USA crafted apparel and accessories. Items are each individually handcrafted with great care using quality materials and offered for sale at very reasonable prices.

  1. High quality products at fair prices!

    ...That's our sales philosophy!

  2. Each item for sale on this site really is individually crafted one at a time:

    One crafter makes each item from start to finish. The result of such individual and undivided attention is superior construction resulting in a better made, higher quality product.
  3. We sell only retail and in small quantities:

    There is no mass production. Nor do we carry a large inventory on any of our items. That way there is no wasted labor and materials on our part. This results in very reasonable prices for our customers.

    All items for sale on our site are always "fresh" rather than sitting in storage for long periods of time.

  4. What we offer for sale may change from time to time:

    What we have crafted and the quantities available at any particular time can vary. When something runs out, we may or may not produce more. There are no guarantees as to how long any particular item will be available.

  5. Service is based on 'first come first served':

    We believe in providing quality products and service for all of our customers. We do our best to treat each and every customer with respect and appreciation. We appreciate your patronage!

About Us

All items for sale on our site are crafted one at a time at our location in Northwestern Pennsylvania. At the present time, Crafty Sue's Shop sells only online. We work at crafting in a clean and smoke free environment.

Having enjoyed crafting from a young age, we are particular about quality and quite happy to be offering our quality handcrafted items for sale online at fair prices.

We have been doing business online since 2000.



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