Song: Clouds May Come

Clouds May Come: Lyrics

The clouds may come.
The sun won't shine.
The weather gets downright gloomy.
Where can you go?
You just don't know what you should do.

The clouds may come but won't last long...
That old sun will shine through.
And you know if you just try,
the sun will shine for you.

Keep a smile on that face...
Don't let the shadows get you.
Pick yourself up...
Get back in the race!

The clouds...they came.
The sun was gone.
The weather was downright gloomy.
Where could you go?
You didn't know what you should do.

The clouds...They came but you stood strong.
Your courage saw you through.
And when you did your best and tried...
The sun did shine for you.

Kept a smile on your face...
Didn't let the shadows get you.
Picked yourself up...
Got back in the race!

Copyright 2018  Created by Jean.  All Rights Reserved.

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