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100 Percent Cotton Potholders with 4 layers of cotton batting inside.

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These 100 Percent cotton print potholders, available in a variety of Calico prints, have been tested by us and they really do work. With four layers of cotton batting inside of each potholder, there will be no burned fingers or hands. These cotton potholders hold up well under frequent use and can withstand many machine wash/machine dry cycles.

As well as being functional as potholders they can also be used as coasters for hot and cold drinks, hot soups and desserts, etc. They also make nice decorations when hung on kitchen cupboard doors, refrigerators, ovens, etc. They are a low priced but quality handmade gift to give.


All potholders are approximately 6 and 1/2 inches square by 3/8 inch thick.


  • outer cover - 100% cotton calico
  • inner layers - 4 layers of 100% cotton batting
  • hang loop - securely stitched in side seam of potholder
  • All materials preshrunk.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash / Machine dry medium heat
  • Steam iron on medium heat to restore original appearance.
  • Note:You can read our blog post for information about the materials used in the construction of our 100 percent cotton potholders.

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