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Shawls knit using Lion Brand Homespun yarns in a variety of colors, delivery within 3 weeks.

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These shawls are soft, luxurious, cozy wraps. Genuinely hand knit, each shawl is created knitting with Lion Brand 'Homespun' yarns. Available in a variety of colors, these shawls are well suited to all seasons as well as many occasions - casual to semi-casual and anywhere in between. Style, sophistication, coziness and comfort all wrapped up in one very reasonably priced genuinely hand knit item. Generously sized, these knit shawls fit most any Ladies body types or sizes.


Triangle shape 72" wide x 40" long plus 5" fringe length. Note: Size may vary slightly from given measurements as shawls are genuinely hand knit.


Homespun Yarn - 98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester

Care Instructions:

  1. Machine washable using warm water and mild detergent.
  2. Machine dry at low setting. Remove promptly.
  3. We recommend gentle wash and dry cycles as well as adding fabric softener to rinse cycle to control static electricity.
  4. May also be hand washed. Lay flat to dry.

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Shawl Colors

With there being so many different viewing devices and viewing screen settings, we do our best to get the colors 'true to life' in product photos but cannot gaurantee that the colors you are seeing on your viewing device matches what we see on ours.


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color selection chart

Color Selection Chart

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When adding to cart, please make sure to choose your color selection from the dropdown menu.

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Special Order and Within 3 Weeks...What's that all about?

When you see an item and it says within three weeks that means that the item is not currently in stock but will be sewn, knit, or crocheted ASAP after your order is placed.

Please Note: Within Three Weeks Items are considered 'special ordered'.

It means that the item is not currently in stock and must be made specially for the customer placing the order for it. Such being the case, the refund on a customer returned 'special ordered' item will be equal to the original purchase price minus a restocking fee of 15 Percent of the original purchase price. Item must be returned in good condition (in same condition as when that item was originally mailed), postmark dated within 10 days from order delivery date (the day you receive your order). Return shipping fee not refundable. In most cases, sewn items are made the day of or the day after order placement. Knit or crocheted items are generally sent out much sooner than the three weeks mentioned. We mention within three weeks just in case we have difficulty locating the required material or yarns for order fulfillment. All the materials, yarn colors and types of yarns used for items sold on our site are not always available to us locally. Sometimes we must order supplies to fulfill an order. Generally most materials or yarns ordered arrive within seven to ten days. Our knitters and crocheters will begin working an order as soon as the yarn arrives.

Within three weeks refers to the longest delay that possibly could occur:

If we cannot locate the necessary materials or yarns for an ordered item, we notify the customer within 3 days from date of order placement. The customer is then given the option to cancel for a refund in full on their order. We understand that sometimes people don't want to wait. If they choose to wait, we keep them updated on the progress of their order.


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